Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two's company

bestfriendsTwo childhood best friends: KaiKai is outgoing, Eilian reserved. They decide to form a group and bring in two others to round out their talents: Gan and Rio. (It can be any group you want: fighters for hire, monster slayers, fortune tellers, musicians, dancers, samurai, exterminators, party hosts ...) KaiKai and Eilian have eyes for talent and the two new members' talents overshadow the two founding members'.

Gan and KaiKai discover their talents mesh exceptionally well and form a tight partnership when they work together. Eilian prefers to hang back and work in the background, but is there jealousy rumbling beneath? After the group has been together for a while, it gets out that the other new member, Rio, is of a reviled faction (religion, race, planet, philosophy, culture, heritage ...) but he or she has such charisma those who hire them don't mind. (But will it last?)

They haven't had a job for a bit and are getting hungry for work (and for a substantial meal.) Tempers are short.

Write from the point of view of one of the members. Or from each in turn.

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