Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chocolate skunk

chocolateskunk.jpgFor each set of 7 words, generate a sentence. To make it extra challenging, use them in order. (Feel free to change tenses and word forms.)
  1. gallop crooked siren macabre fluttering shudder vintage
  2. torment traveler deftly surprise poem hairy ticket
  3. shy skull brash horror release rage journey
  4. traitor tranquil raced deadly grumpy rhapsody jagged
  5. temple reward tunnel foster sick tournament spotless
  6. chocolate harrowing skunk jokes wander artist frightened
  7. sequined insectoid shallow daunting pyramid book gorgeous
  8. competition ooze foggy flames spiral stranger quickest
  9. coward thief scared eyeball screech laugh strange
  10. tease shiver ancient twitch squealed absorb liar
  11. angel nasty fever visitor dependable modified curved
  12. impenetrable fuzzy unusual outstanding microscopic talons typical
  13. deep triumphant evaded wings flipped overgrown stripes
  14. foolish slobbered idiot adroit acrobat cherish cheater
  15. magnetic patrol hidden guess vanish shard crawled
  16. teeming dancer thrill transform mask thirst limber
  17. deny dictator sweat swelling worried rust curdling
  18. brave checkered sly fierce hobbled underneath fatal
  19. beast distant altered ingenious ruined flammable mirror
  20. certain clever guard accident screeched spiky slimy

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