Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Azreal, evil overlord of darkness and imbiber of caffeine

weaselking.jpgHere are the characters. Invite one or more into your story and see what happens.
  • Azreal, evil overlord of darkness and imbiber of caffeine
  • A bored god who amuses himself by micromanaging certain people's lives. He has a strange sense of humour.
  • Alelle, a half angel who believes that she is the savior of mankind.
  • A woman whose sole purpose, her ultimate goal of life is to capture The Weasel King.
  • Urza Planeswalker- a god who was onve mortal, is obsessed with Machinery and Artifice.
  • She was God's biggest groupie.
  • A large, one-eyed green parrot-- musty and threadbare-- whose only two phrases are, "Where are we going this time?" and "Does this mean we'll be late for dinner?"
  • A ghost, with a bell and a dagger, dealing tarot cards onto a patch of grass in the desert.
  • an angel that was thrown from heaven to hell and kicked out of hell and is living eternity on earth
  • An old man in a torn old coat, endlessly collecting spent souls in his canvas bag. His back is breaking.
These are from Rum & Monkey -- Story Elements. Cool concept to have people deposit characters. In practice there are a few cool characters mixed in with lots of goth suicidal nymphomanic crack addicted virgins. ;-)


Vicki said...

Very cool ~ Glad I stumbled upon this today so I can share it with my son.

Oh and Hi! I'm Vicki from unschoolingbasics... I added a link to you on my Kewl Peeps list.
Hope you don't mind.

Peace and Laughter,

Joyce Fetteroll said...

Hi, glad you liked it :-) And, yes, love to have links!