Saturday, June 30, 2007

Create a Character

TypingChimp.jpgCreate a Character: You're given several boxes to fill in and it adds some background and personality (determined by Enneagram Personality Type).

Here's an example:
Your Character
Zeni, age 35, is a very perceptive and intellectual person, interested in understanding the world. Most consider him/her a genius, but Zeni knows he/she has a lot to learn. Originally from Willowbrook, Zeni now lives in Fan Hamish to get a tip on the whereabouts of Vengorth and holds a job as a vampire slayer. Zeni is separated from a spouse and has a child. She's rangy, with a scar running down the side of her face."

As a child, Zeni lived among others with incredible skills, perhaps his/her father or mother was a brilliant scientist. Zeni's parents were probably neglectful. As a result, Zeni learned to look to the outside world for answers. Combine this with a more recent loss or disappearance of a loved one, and you get an overwhelming urge to understand and correct some social problem or to eliminate an evil force. Zeni's flaw is the belief that experiences are for learning and not for fun. He/she may not have a lot of fun, but secretly wants to. She wants to defeat Vengorth.
(Their software, Character Pro 5, is a more in depth version.)

Also at Typing Chimp is Character 101.

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And a page about how Enneagrams are used in their character development software. (Which ties in the the post here on Enneagram of Personality)

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