Thursday, November 09, 2006


baseballcow.jpgUsually the text spammers send to fool the spam catchers sounds like it *almost* makes sense. But this month's spam promoting a particular stock included sort of Mad-Lib or Jabberwocky like paragraphs where all the tenses matched. I think there were several sentence templates and a confined set of words (since how often does one encounter the word mitochondrial?) But however it was done, it was well done :-)

If you want to see them in context, the text is at Best of Spam for October 2006.

Here's (way too many ;-) spam characters and situations to use as a writing prompt. There are several that work together (like some turkeys to gear up for Thanksgiving ;-) and some girl scouts.)
  • a stoic turkey reads a magazine
  • A turkey daydreams
  • Most people believe that a turkey completely secretly admires a stoic blood clot
  • a mean-spirited jersey cow eagerly trades baseball cards with the briar patch
  • a blithe spirit panics
  • The mysterious skyscraper writes a love letter to another turn signal.
  • a carelessly mitochondrial wedding dress
  • a somewhat mitochondrial fairy flies into a rage
  • a somewhat cantankerous fruit cake
  • When you see the chess board, it means that the insurance agent self-flagellates.
  • If a non-chalantly incinerated insurance agent plays pinochle with an often fat tornado, then a scythe inside a dolphin gets stinking drunk.
  • it takes a real pit viper to ridiculously bestow great honor upon a mastodon
  • A girl scout buys an expensive gift for an earring.
  • Another girl scout related to a photon starts reminiscing about lost glory
  • When a green girl scout starts reminiscing about lost glory, the parking lot beyond another ball bearing starts reminiscing about lost glory.
  • A spider over the cashier organizes the girl scout.
  • the flatulent avocado pit lazily recognizes a vaporized cowboy
  • an inexorably surly skyscraper gets stinking drunk
  • a cosmopolitan grain of sand prays
  • the parking lot hesitantly tries to seduce another tornado living with the ocean
  • A rattlesnake defined by a freight train recognizes the cab driver inside the avocado pit.
  • A fractured briar patch beams with joy
  • Some pickup truck inside the grand piano procrastinates
  • Most people believe that the gentle umbrella often satiates a football team of another ocean
  • If the cheese wheel sanitizes a spider, then an umbrella daydreams.
  • The highly paid hydrogen atom
  • A sheriff related to the minivan
  • An usually fashionable crank case

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