Saturday, July 08, 2006

Consult the Sage

The Sage is a collection of random questions and answers intended to spark your imagination as your mind naturally tries to find the connections between the two ideas. Here's a sample. There are 99 questions and 99 answers so 9801 possible combinations. Here's a sample:
  • What boundary separates love and hate?
  • Is it apathy or aggression that harms our cause?
  • If worry is erased, what is left to consider?
  • Must desire always sweep aside good intent?
  • Is the nature of clarity momentary?
  • Is justice ever possible if no two events are identical?

  • The spotted jackal, oblivious and blind, cackles and eats, then courting misfortune snaps at the moon.
  • Do not lay blame. Those hearts, brief as shadows on a muslin shroud, are ineffably connected.
  • What lies between the world and oneself is only a garment, button-holing its mouth around the rod of fortitude?
  • A glance about will reveal the expediency of molding a vague and shapeless wax, but will it reflect the rightness that lodges in our being?
  • Listen to the winds and the rainfall, feeling how fragile the bones are under the skin.
  • The majority of views are improved by height, but not perspective -- whose law begins in the mind.
There's a "history" at Sage History that's an exercise in creativity :-)

This was done by the author of Griffin and Sabine. It's hard to do justice to it, but it's basically a story than unfolds through a series of letters between two people who are opposites. The actual letters and postcards are included just as in some children's pop-ups.

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