Tuesday, July 04, 2006


wheelYour character has some or all of the following at his or her disposal. What are they? (They can each be different: weapons, people, spells, ships, planets ...) Tell about them. (You probably won't get to them all. Start with the one's that spark something in you and keep going until the timer runs out.)
Waterfall Fantasy
Dark Fire
Time Trap
Zenith Heavy Hitters
Whistling Tri-rotating Wheel
Trick of Trade
Daylight Shell
Loyal to None
Extreme Machine
Whole Nine Yards
Catherine Wheel
Celebration Cracker
Cut Star
Happy Lamp
High Power Pyro
Happiness Fountain
Shimmering Dream
500 Gram Bug Zapper
Silver Fox Bottle
Goliath Extreme
10 Ball Boom-Boom Thunder
Crazy Aces
Turbo Phantom
Morning Glories
Mercurial Bee
Ground Pounder

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