Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Be the ball

balllface For today's poetry prompt imagine you're a creature or thing. What's it like to be a television or your cat or a cloud or a record album or a fish in a tank ...

The children took the idea in many different directions: interviews, imagining what the answers would be, taking on the persona and revealing the answers ... Don't limit yourself to what you think the approach "must" be :-)

I would like to be a pen because every day I would dance and whenever I'm out of ink they would put me away until I got ink. And I would go any place people go.

Questions to Ask Snow Person

Do you like to be what you are?
Do you like when people step on you and make snow balls with you?
Do you like your color white?
Do you like to be mixed with now?
Do you like to stand all day out in the snow with nothing to do?
Do you like when people fall on you?
The answer is

How does it feel to be a blackboard?
I think it would feel funny,
Always being written on.
Always having examples erased off.
What do you see?
You see many many kids.

From Wishes, Lies, and Dreams: Teaching children to write poetry by Kenneth Koch.

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