Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ah, and our eight alligators ardently ate another

GorvoplWrite a series of eight-word lines. Each line will contain one of each part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, interjections and conjunctions.) How many lines you write is up to your muse or your 15 minutes timer :-)

(Not sure why he -- and lots of other grammar lists -- leave out articles (a, an, the).)

Here's a quick stab at it:
And, well, slowly his hungry Borslang chewed through
But, oh, inside her dark Gorvopl patiently waited
And, alas, enormous hunger unexpectedly slaked within her.
Okay, the conjunctions are tricky when you can only have one noun or verb per line!

And if you're a bit rusty on your grammar:

Noun: person, place or thing. Can be general (the president, the city) or specific (David Palmer, Mos Eisley).

Verb: action word.

Adjective: describes a noun. (Red, hot, blushing ...) (Hmm, could also have a poem made up of entirely one part of speech.)

Adverb: describes a verb. (Slowly, haltingly, boorishly ...)

Pronoun: a word that takes the place of a noun (he, she, it, they, we, his, her, their, our, its ... Actually there are way more than I thought since I usually just think of personal pronouns. There's a list of Pronouns and a thorough list of personal pronouns at Wikipedia that include nonstandards like "youse guys" ;-)

Preposition: identifies the position of something (before, inside, under ...) (A very thorough list of prepositions at Wikipedia)

Interjections: Words that can be followed by an exclamation point. (Uh-oh, yippee, shoo, jeez, ouch, wow, ...)
Long interjection list at Wikipedia and a list of interjections by language, for no other reason than just because I stumbled across it and it's cool! :-)

Conjunctions: Joining words (and, or, but, nor)

From: Charles Bernstein.

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