Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bad as I wanna be

lucyinthefieldwithflowersWrite the worst possible poem.

If you need inspiration, take someone else's poem or one you've written and start substituting words, like:
Burning, burning distant sun.
I needn't consider what you've done.
Way off far in our galaxy
Like a nuclear inferno of kind maxi.
Well, not nearly as bad as it could have been ;-)

(From Charles Bernstein's Reading/Writing Lab course)

Of course they don't need to rhyme but if you need help with rhymes try Rhymer or Rhymezone. If Rhymer gives you an overwhelming number of rhymes try choosing “Last syllable rhymes” or “Double rhymes” from the drop down menu. (Annoyingly, you need to type the word into the search box again.) Rhymezone returns fewer rhymes (which can be a good thing sometimes!)

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