Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Cerise is a child wizarding prodigy. Her first word was the minimalist spell that turns white milk into chocolate milk. Ever since then she's been casting spells well advanced for her age. She has toured the world, delighting kings and queens, charming audiences on talk shows, speaking inspirationally to wizards many years her senior.

Then one morning she comes down to breakfast to find a note left by her mentor.

It has been a pleasure mentoring you this past year. Forgive me for not saying goodbye, but an unexpected opportunity has come up to accompany little Doodie Barnswallow on a tour of the southern countries, which, as you know is my home territory. They do say he's the next Cerise Sunflower! 
But it's been clear for some time that you don't need my special skills. You're quite bright for your age, but I think you can now fit in seamlessly with your peers. 
As always, sparkles and hijinks, 

After years of being the most celebrated child wizard, Cerise finds she's been declared ordinary. At the ripe old age of 17.

Now what? How does she handle it? What's her next step?

(Sorry about the original Wednesday's post. Not sure why it was blank. Some kind of twisted karmic punishment for publishing in advance?)

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