Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beachballs and bumblebees

Aggie wanted the bag of marbles.

Well, that's not particularly interesting! Without emotional connection, who cares whether he or she gets the marbles?

So create some emotional significance! Choose three very different Aggies. The setting can be contemporary, fantasy, historical or whatever. Think outside the character box. If one Aggie is a child, make another an adult. Mix the sexes. Change their economic station. Choose a different country. Make one an animal. Or an alien.

In a brief paragraph, describe what the marbles mean to Aggie. Are they a symbol of abundance? Do they connect to the past? Are they a rarity? Do they feel like love? Perhaps it's what Aggie wants to use them for that's emotionally charged. What's at stake if Aggie doesn't get the bag of marbles?

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