Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Ghost People

Princess Nuwara, the new leader of the small republic.

She is proud and unsure of herself. She has been thrust into leadership too soon after her mother succumbed to an illness that shouldn't have been fatal.

Eliya, her older sister.

Source: via Dragon on Pinterest
Eliya has voluntarily exiled herself to what was a protected area of the republic to be with the nearly one hundred others of her kind, often referred to as the Ghost People. She is looked to as a leader by them.

There have always been rumors of the Ghost People being sorcerers but the land has been so peaceful, the rumors had remained murmurs, creating discomfort but little else. Before Eliya and Nuwara's mother died, Ghosts would find their way to the Ghost enclave once a year. But ever since Nuwara's ascension, Ghosts have been arriving more frequently, rising to once a month bringing with them tales of persecution.

To dig into the matter Eliya arrives at her sister's palace, once her home too.

The atmosphere feels different as though it's no longer her home. Eliya's unsure if it's the place that has changed or herself. She's greeted by Menifer, the sisters' nurse, caretaker and companion since they were born, who is now her sister's advisor.

They spend some time reminiscing in an antechamber before she's escorted -- allowed? -- to see her sister. Eliya can't shake the feeling of being controlled and manipulated as she enters her sister's receiving room.

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