Sunday, January 20, 2013

Basquing in the desert

You arrive in the desert town of Cappadocia. The main route in is blocked by an overturned truck of melons and an animal-drawn cart of dung. The two drivers argue in the middle of the street in different languages.

Detouring around, you approach the center by way of a less used side street. Along the way there is a small square with a hand pump for water where you see this trio. They speak rapidly in a language that sounds like nothing you've heard before. As you approach, they still, their gazes following you.

A movement ahead catches your eye as someone disappears into the side door of the inn you intend to stay at. You enter and find ...

speaking in tense, low tones. "They're back. You need to get down here now. We can't go through that again." When he notices you he hangs up abruptly. After a pause and stare he says, "Can I help you?"

Take it from there.

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