Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrown together

Cut up the following, creating three piles. Randomly match them up. Rearrange them until you have five combinations you like. Hint: look for unconventional combinations.

Use them individually for inspiration or strand them all together after a transportation failure (crash, storm, driver's death.) They can be stranded at a layover. It doesn't need to be a deserted island or planet unless you want it to be.

professional mournerhawaiian shirtspigeons
demon hunterhat with featherstelescope
university librarianbright red nailscomic book collection
celebrity bodyguardunconventional piercings  gourmet cookware
beachside bartendertattooed sayingsscrapbook of newspaper clippings
private eyedragon slippersJapanese weapon collection
investigative news reporter  religion-related jewelryukelele
brain surgeonblack clothingtaxidermy
high priestessdreadlockschina tea cup collection

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