Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Joint custody

There exists a symbiotic (or parasitic, depending on your point of view) life form that can heal a host body and take over its consciousness.

Seven years ago Jackson was on the verge of death. Jaxan, a symbiont, entered Jackson's body, healed it and has been living ever since in Jackson's body. Jackson's consciousness exists in a dreamlike state, unable to control the body.

Up until now, it's been impossible to remove a symbiont from a host without killing both. Now there's a process to remove the symbiont, restoring the original body's consciousness but the symbiont will die.

It's possible to temporarily suppress the symbiont consciousness and allow the host to awaken for a short while. Jackson has been given the opportunity to speak and wants his body back. He claims he never gave Jaxan permission to take over his body. Jaxan claims otherwise. There's no record. It's just one word against the other.

Take on the points of view of two opposing lawyers. One represents Jaxan. The other represents Jackson. Who should have ownership of the body?

Can you tell I've been watching a lot of Stargate? ;-) Inspired by the Pretense episode where the debate was a bit skewed in one direction but still enjoyable.

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