Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lair of pines

Spoonerisms are named after William Archibald Spooner who was prone to switching the initial sounds of words. The rather poetic thing about spoonerisms is they naturally rhyme.

Create rhyming couplets using pairs of Spoonerisms, such as:

Stuffing down a ground beef,
the dumped lover bound his grief.

Here's a bunch to choose from. Or, of course, come up with your own.

buns glazing
rental deceptionist
ducky lay
hot Poles
candle with hair
blushing crow
plaster man
mad banners
a well-boiled icicle (well-oiled bicycle)
sock my knocks off
chewing doors (doing chores)
clappy as a ham
go shake a tower (take a shower)
roaring pain (pouring rain)
chilled grease
spew up your screech
as the flow cries
bound grief
sues and shocks
brunch lake
shoving leopard
fighting a liar
know your blows
go shake a tower
tease my ears
nicking your pose
lack of pies
roaring with pain
sealing the hick
go help me sod
pit nicking
bowel feast
damp stealer
wave the sails
mad bunny
pun fart
bunny phone
flutter by
bedding wells
mend the sail
zips are lipped
belly jeans
eye ball (bye all)
fight in your race
hiss and lear (listen hear)
soul of ballad (bowl of salad)
cattle ships and bruisers
nosey little cook (cozy little nook
tons of soil
hags flung out

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