Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grab 'em by the balls

You're a TV ad guru and you've been hired to write a commercial for one of the following (or feel free to make one up):

  • Olivander's magic wands
  • Boeing's newest family moon cruiser
  • Leash for a pet dragon
  • Vampire repellent
  • Zero G motion sickness drug
  • Portable molecular transporter
  • Zombie-X, the ultimate zombie weapon
  • Trollerz, the dating service, no longer just for Trolls.
  • OS X brain implant, the Apple operating system that needs no peripherals.

If you're not up on script format and would like to try, Script Frenzy (which begins in April!) has a tutorial that will get you up and running faster than a finger can hit fast forward.

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