Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HOME for Deviants


Something new for Wednesdays to get your creativity out of its box to run free.

DeViant DescriPtions

They're abeRRantatypicalanomalousnonconformistunusualfreakishPEQULIAR, B1Zarr3, exxentric, quirky. And sometimes even a bit KinKy and wArPeD.

Deviate those descriptions
For the day's boring, mundane word or phrase come up with at least 7 Deliciously Deviant Descriptions that are as different from each other as you can make them. The more you come up with the better.

Run the tap
Your first few likely will be quite un-devious. Expect this. Like running the tap until the water flows clear. The longer you run your brain tap, the fresher the ideas will be.

Fly far from the box
For instance, if the word were farm, likely you'd picture "Old MacDonald's" farm with a red barn, pigs, cows, chickens and a tractor. But there are fish farms. Wind farms. Container farms. Tulip farms in Holland. And moisture farms on Tatooine.

Get fanciful
What did a medieval farm look like? Or Roman? Edo period in Japan? Martian? A farm in the clouds? What would cats farm? What would a deviant farm be like?

Question assumptions
Question all your assumptions about what is necessary to be that thing. Turn the assumptions upside down. Strip the idea down to the essentials and build up from there with brand new features. Deviate!

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