Thursday, May 20, 2010


Write a sentence for each of the following word pairs.

facedump (verb) : to delete (someone) as a friend on Facebook.
Cereal Dust (noun) : the pulverized remains at the bottom of a breakfast cereal bag or box.

Stabby (verb) : characterized by a desire to stab something; angry or frustrated.
grannify (verb) : to appear old or appropriate for an old person.

rabbit (verb) : to talk excessively about something unimportant.
funnify (verb) : to make (something or someone) fun.

scraggle (noun) : an indistinct or irregular grouping.
unshop (verb) : to return unpurchased merchandise to the shelf while shopping.

nibby (adjective) : nosy.
gladitude (noun) : a feeling of contented appreciation.

vegangelical (noun) : a vegan who seeks to convince others to become one.
pronoia (noun) : a tendency to believe that others hold friendly or positive opinions of oneself.

hecticity (noun) : a feeling of panic and stress usually brought on by having too much to do and not enough time to do it.
conflustered (adjective) : confused and flustered.

endarkened (adjective) : confused, ignorant, or misled.
knitmare (noun) : a failed knitting project.

hamster wheel (verb) : to talk continuously about a problem or regret without coming up with a solution or resolution.
racker (noun) : a person who collects sports memorabilia (such as autographs or sports cards) that are particularly hard to obtain.

pooch-pouch (noun) : a handbag or shoulderbag for carrying a small dog.
immaculize (verb) : to improve to a standard just short of perfection.

metrognome (noun) : a gnome supposedly living in the subway stations of Paris.
drizzmal (adjective) : relating to weather that is cloudy and raining slightly.

terribad (adjective) : having exceptionally poor or undesirable qualities and characteristics.
gigundous (adjective) : exceptionally large

Words from Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary.

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