Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As of today, that's how many posts there are at Dragon Writing Prompts :-)

I had vague thoughts of a prompt inspired by 1000 as I saw the number approaching. Well, no great original ideas popped into my head. No not-great original ones, either. ;-) So, since a picture's worth 1000 words, I browsed through the writing area of Worth1000.com for a picture prompt.

(Click for larger view at the artist's Worth1000 page.)

Write a 1000 words inspired by the picture. Who is she? Or is she merely a tool and what she's doing more important?

Does the skeleton have something to do with death? Or bringing something back from death? Or the foundation of something she's building? Or is it her employer looking over her shoulder? ;-)

Why a cat and an octopus? What's imaged in the other balls? Why the bugs?

Some other stuff that doesn't have to do with the prompt, but does have to do with the picture and Worth1000.

marymagdalyne created and posted the picture that inspired the The Quatrains of Nostradamworth writing contest at Worth1000. It was originally for a photo effects challenge, Magical Mishaps, -- which is the original foundation of the Worth1000 website. The photos she used are here.

Pretty cool! Of course Worth1000 is chock full of coolness :-)

Worth1000 always has several writing contests going on. There are Advanced, Beginner and "Head to Head" (HxH, contests set up between specific members).

(You can enter without paying, but can't win. Credits are 10 for $1 so the entry fees aren't bank breakers ;-)

Just for fun, here are a few photo effects contests that relate to language. (Each has multiple pages of entries and at the bottom of each page are often links to previous or related contests.)

Literalisms 10
Some of the entries are "Tree Frog", "Road Rage", "She's an open book", "Change your mind". Very clever!

Emotion: Love 2010
Some very heart warming, some very clever :-)

And a few recent ones with loads of pictures begging for the stories behind them :-)

Cats vs Mice 3 - "Classic battle between good and evil."

Bizarrchitecture 10 - "The unique dream houses you'd like to own."

Anatomy Scramble 5 - "Rearranging body parts."

Ghost Ren 6 -- "Haunting art"

Back 2 Basics: Trolley

As a total aside -- though Pokemon is the reason my daughter began writing and drawing in earnest so the connection is not so far off in space as it seems ;-) -- I stumbled across a challenge there to create Pokemon from actual photos. There are 7 pages. Cubone (the winning entry) is astonishing :-) My daughter loved looking through them :-)


Unknown said...


Although I don't visit you often, I appreciate all your hard work!

Joyce Fetteroll said...

Thank you very much! It was much easier to do by happenstance than had I set out to post 1000 posts ;-)