Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Star Feud

Pick two sets of your favorite characters (your own or other people's). Put them on Family Feud. Come up with the questions then come up with the answers those characters would give for that category.

Never seen Family Feud? There's an episode of Celebrity Family Feud on line so you can see the format. (There's a commercial, but that's what makes it free :-)

The goal on the show isn't to guess the right answer but to guess the most popular answers as given by audience poll. For this exercise questions about ordinary life might be the most amusing, like "What is the first thing you do in the morning?" "What's a child's favorite toy?" Your characters' ideas of what ordinary people do will be based on their own ideas of ordinary or their warped idea of what ordinary peons are like ;-)

This would lend itself well to a comic strip or book format (using images from the internet if you're leery of your drawing skills). You could use Power Point (or the Mac-equivalent Keynote) to create a click from panel to panel comic.

If you enjoy the comics format, there are several commercial and free products to help you create comics.
  • Comic Life Deluxe: Comic Strip, Comic Book Creator (Mac) (which can create comics from images) looks really cool. Amazon has some other choices too.
  • CNET has several freebies and free trials to download. (I've used CNET a lot over the years. They're safe and virus free.)
  • Googling "make your own comics" brings up a lot of online options like Make Beliefs Comix that was mentioned here a while ago.

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