Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The night before

Roll a die and pick one from each of the four following categories. Use them as the starting point of your piece.

(Roll a die. Sheesh. Can you tell I played Dungeons and Dragons? If you don't have a 10-sided die handy try the handy widget down at the bottom.)

  1. Dead of winter
  2. During a thunderstorm
  3. The morning after
  4. When the moon is full
  5. Just before dawn
  6. Midnight
  7. Height of summer
  8. In the middle of a battle
  9. In the middle of a storm
  10. The night before
  1. A death
  2. A secret needs to be told
  3. Someone has or will hurt someone
  4. A crime has occurred or is about to
  5. Someone has lost/found something
  6. Someone is falling in love
  7. Reminiscing on how things change
  8. There has been a family emergency
  9. Something embarrassing happened
  10. Someone holds a medication
  1. A match maker
  2. A nerd
  3. A barista
  4. A visitor
  5. A homeless man
  6. A novice
  7. A mechanic
  8. An eccentric
  9. A musician
  10. An actress
  1. A theater
  2. A wedding
  3. A cemetery
  4. A restaurant
  5. A dungeon/jail
  6. A mountain peak
  7. An inn
  8. A cave
  9. A sporting event
  10. A convention
Adapted from 6 Creative Writing Prompts to expand them beyond contemporary topics. All the situations except the last that mentioned a doctor were amazingly universal :-)

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