Thursday, July 23, 2009

The argument

Take it at face value.

Or add a fantasy twist. Only the two of them can understand each other? She's a professional donkey whisperer? Boyfriend and girlfriend who've been cursed? Aliens who didn't quite get their disguises right?


Comatose said...

Run! He was chasing her... She couldn't get away! The little girl looked back. The huge donkey was catching up with her! Coming closer... Closer... Closer! She held the precious jar closer to her body. He CAN'T get this! She thought determinedly. She saw her house. I've gotta get there! I'll be safe!
'MOMMY!' she screamed. Why wasn't she coming out? Lost in her thoughts, the girl hadn't realized how close her attacker was...
'No!' the girl shrieked as the donkey tripped her and snatched up the large jar she has been protecting. He quickly opened it and emptied it in one gulp. The girl looked up appalled.
'Those where MY cookies!' she screamed, outraged. How dare he?! She made those cookies herself for her mom! Suddenly she heard her mom's voice, and she slowly drifted back into consciousness...

Three hours, some cereal, and a banana later and the dream had been forgotten. The girl looked out of the window and bounced excitedly in her seat.
'Mommy, are we almost there?' she asked for the up-teenth time. Her mom patiently replied,
'Yes dear.' The girl smiled, and then looked back out of the window. Yes! She could see it! Her mom had been driving her to a farm, and they where finally there! As they parked the girl's mom put a bright red bandanna on her head.
'I don't want you to get lost so I'll put this on so it's easier to see you.'
The girl replied, 'Okay!' and then was off...

After awhile the girl had seen most of the animals. She saw a sign for a donkey near by. 'Ohh! That sounds interesting!' She followed the sign with her mom a few paces behind her, and the she stopped dead in her tracks as she spotted the donkey. She slowly came closer and her and the beast met eyes. Recognition crossed both of their faces. The girl's eyes widened as she suddenly bellowed,

Joyce Fetteroll said...

Awesome, thank you for sharing :-) I liked the twist at the end.

I liked the detail in "Three hours, some cereal, and a banana later". Details like that tend to bring a scene to life.

(Sorry it took a bit to get the comment published. I was off on vacation last week.)