Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pink elephants

More lists? Yes, more lists! I got up a late and stumbled across this.

(5000+ words. I was trying to do 2000 a day but couldn't quite make it last night as my characters bumble into each other, trying to get sparks to fly and illuminate some secrets they aren't revealing to me yet.)

These are from the NaNo forums somewhere. If you're doing NaNo, use the first on your next page. Each time you start a page, use the next in line. Do that through out the book. Feel free to adjust as needed (add words, change tenses). (Of course, you can cut them up and draw from a bowl if you wish.)

If you're not doing NaNo, begin at the top and incorporate as many into your writing piece as you can.

If you haven't already...
Ten Types of Awesome.
the wind's will
We're without magic.
It's getting awfully cold.
Don't. You. DARE.
Stop That
if this is all
if all that matters is
make it through the past
walls falling down
of your dreams
if you want to
Did you try...?
In Triumph.
It'll be- wait...
the reason is I don't know why
That's Classified!
it's at least
in feeble hands
What are you gonna do?
hold still!
it all go wrong
Hang on for your death
so distracting
go forth
a matter of pride
Who stands before me
Unknown wisps
the dead dying
What's right is wrong.
I'd rather be
not a reason
because you can't.
wimps and posers
just take forever
a glimpse into the future
Invisible or alone?
refusing to lie down
I hope, but I know
if you've never
I fall apart
You're the only one.
a new day
died happy
What you've never needed
If you can, don't.
WHAT was I thinking?
don't think of a pink elephant.
if you want to
scare yourself.
make it or not.
to live forever, die.
empty mess
anything at all
let go and hang
stop only me
rocks fall, everyone dies.
we're not dragging the dragons.
Heck does that.
into the death
what a to do to die.
son of a marigold
anytime I want. Really.
eternity of metamorphosis
everything adds up to nothing
meek and bold
alone, the bold
I can't be you now.
At a loss for speech- not words.
one more outburst
go around again
Magic believes in you.
strong against yourself.
parade of trees
What you never wanted
live up to nothing
Hang on loose
you're still kissing him.
you can't always count on me
To be young, nervous breakdown.
Soul over heart
Dead again?
creature of light
walk on me.
leave my dreams behind
ensue a rebellion
The land's a survivor
wheel of strength
fight for wrong
let it die
unneeded puzzle piece
Gunning for Truth
stay whole, bleed the soul
his memory now
broken, not dead.
Incredible isn't.
smile against it all
Ignorance for hope
stop, turn, take.
everything away- I'll hurt it.
each other, alone.
God doesn't decide this.
take me for everything
alive in here
no is for those
oh yeah, HUGE success.
to save me, face me
all together, all alone
whatever you don't.
tomorrow is yesterday now
what you must, you can't
thunder from the trees
ask your questions now
gift, not competition
waste your precious
happy kick in the nuts,
seven stories in
the question- but.
uphill downhill sick
breathe for me
stay calm and PANIC!!!
none able to tell
when your all isn't enough
hold my soul
figure it later
light fears darkness
nothing's gonna change
the darkest light.
watch this time
As we knew it
rest is wrong.
I Will Rise Again.
When the spindle wheel turns
dying, not dead
I know a place where we can hide out.
You don't have to know the truth if you believe it.
This tiny voice in my head starts to sing.
Came along one day...
Looks a mile to my feet.
When I open my eyes I'm still taken by surprise.
You don't have to know the truth if you believe it.
Some people want to be heroes, others have to be asked.
My Body was not moving on it's own after all
inside mountains
nothing to say to each other
just take it!
Because it is my birthday!
Not close enough.
It's not peanut butter.
Just talk yourself up.
Try and stop me.
I'm just saying...
He knew there was a reason why he hated snow

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