Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Through the eyes

As you go through your day, bring a wizard and a notebook with you.

Your eccentric uncle has dropped off a child at your house to stay for a few days. You're a muggle and the child is a wizard or witch -- but you don't know either of those! You're ignorant of that whole other world. The child has never lived with muggles, but has been instructed that he or she is safe as long as you remain ignorant of the wizarding world. The child is to pretend he or she is human.

You can write either from your own point of view or from the child's.

What do you do during the day that would frustrate or baffle the child who is used to adults using magic? What odd ways does the chlld react? What are his or her mysterious habits?

If writing from the point of view of the child, what do ordinary things look like to a wizarding child?

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