Thursday, April 17, 2008

Same difference

elephantandmouseCompare opposites for today's poetry warm up.

Begin with a comparison that is opposite: a big thing and a little thing "An elephant is like a mouse" or two things that seem not alike "Rain is like a cemetery" and then explore how they're alike. You can use one comparison or many comparisons in the poem.

Here's something quick as an example:
An elephant is like a mouse.
Both are gray with long dangling attachments and papery ears and dark button eyes
Rain is like a cemetery.
They're gray and dreary and make the grass grow.
A peach is like a snake.
They bulge when they are full of food.
A ghost is like a pencil.
You find them in the most unexpected places.
Hey, that was fun! :-)

As I should have explained at the beginning of the month about warm ups, but didn't have my notes from last year:

Warm ups: These are chances to be wild and creative and get the words and ideas flowing. Generate lines based on a template. The point isn't to create a whole poem but to generate lines for the poem. The ones at the beginning will probably be trite, cliche and stiff. Let them out onto the paper. Allow them to clear a path that will allow the creative ideas to flow out. :-)

The "I" writing the poem doesn't need to be you! It can be anyone or any*thing* you want.

If you get stuck before your 15 minutes is up, read back over what you've written to see if it inspires some more ideas.

When you're done, you can toss out the ones you don't like and collect the lines you like into a poem :-)

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