Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Questioning the answers

Laser guided spit balls (click image)
Here are the answers. What were the questions? It could be an online quiz of random questions, an interview, speed dating, an interrogation ... (If you feel a story emerging, feel free to tweak and rearrange the answers. As always the prompts are meant to prompt not restrain your imagination :-)
It made me sneeze.
Red eyes and tangled hair.
3 including me.
I'm certain she was staring at me.
My brain is my worst enemy.
No, but my brother did.
A Mathematics professor living at the edge of town.
A weak sense of smell.
I am cynical and suspicious by nature.
Airplane silverware. The real stuff. The kind you get in first class.
I threw spitballs at her.
2 years or until I'm satisfied with the results.
Chinese New Year.
A nasty messy place.
At least 5 times before Tuesday.
At camp. But just once.
A bratty, pouty woman in her late 20's.
Ten out of 53 are red or have red on them.

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