Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Too much of a good thing

miori.jpgHere's the beginning. Take it from there.

Miori could not remember a time when a spirit had not been with her. Miori's mother said the first spirit, Denee, had appeared when Miori was a baby, hovering at the corners of whatever room young Miori was in. Actually Denee had been a welcome sign since it meant that Miori had The Gift. The problem, though, was that as Miori grew more and more spirits were drawn to her. Eventually her collection of nearly twenty spirits had become such an oddity that it was whispered about in hushed nervous tones in the community. Fortunately they were rarely all present at once but even her usual half dozen when one was remarkable was cause for talk. Miori knew her mother had not been pleased though she had never said anything.

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