Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Gallery of Misused "Quotes"

RoadWorkAhead.jpgThe Gallery of Misused Quotes

Just for grins :-) If you can't get enough, click on Permanent Collection for the "archives". Here's a "selection":

"real" bacon bits

Please don't take large buckets of "ice" from this machine. Go to the other machine in the back.

Please "shower" before entering the pool.


All pancakes are served with "whipped" butter.

If you need help finding something, one of our "friendly" associates will be happy to help you.

"fresh" fruit

Only "2" children allowed in the shop at any time.

Please sign "in."

"No dogs" Permitted in Terminal

Please ring "bell" for service.

Corn, fried potatoes, "peas" and green beans.
(They also list cottage cheese and macaroni and cheese as vegetables.)
(Clearly that list should be labeled "vegetables" of the day.)

Just responding to let you know that a "human" reads each and every comment to!


"Watch" for pedestrians
(As long as you look like you're watching that'll do.)

(It's probably that cheap oak veneer firewood.)

Every greeting card that I receive from my Aunt Joan and Uncle Bruce is addressed to "John" and signed, "Aunt Joan & Uncle Bruce."
(What do they think my real name is? And who are the cards really from?)

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Anonymous said...

I was reading a comment on in a picture gallery and someone said 'This picture is "marvelous"!'
It makes me wonder what they really thought of it.