Thursday, September 20, 2007

Delayed destiny

unclejulius.jpgThis is from the Adopt-a-Plot folder at The National Novel Writing Month boards.

#31: Fantasy parody idea: The Chosen One is an 89 year old guy who's been waiting his whole life to be notified he needs to go out on a quest and save the world. Finally someone shows up at his door to explain what the delay has been. The Old Wizard who was supposed to come to him when he was a teen and give all sorts of Vague Hints about his Grand Destiny, died of a heart attack on the road, and the Evil Overlord decided not to bother taking over the world this year because of financial problems. Well, the Chosen One is pretty pissed off that he never got to save the world like he was supposed to, so he hires some people to put the world in danger and set up a situation so he can go off on the quest nevertheless and save the world and thus fulfill his Grand Destiny. Needless to say, things start going wrong from the get-go. What happens and how is up to you. -- Tupwen

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