Thursday, June 14, 2007

Veggie-Eating Mother has Green Baby

Baby_with_mother.jpgUse one of the following as inspiration for a children's picture book.
  • Veggie-Eating Mother has Green Baby
  • Giant Pigeon Terrorizes New York
  • Saturn is a Giant UFO
  • Dog Gives Birth to Kittens
  • Giant Earthworms Terrorizing Nevada
  • Screaming Houseplant Saved My Life
  • Porcupine Falls Head Over Heels in Love -- With a Broom
  • Plumber goes Down the Toilet
  • Air Force Pilot Reports Seeing Flying Pigs
  • Terror Toads Invading America's Toilets
  • New Beach Peril: Squirrel Fish
  • Obnoxious Kids Drive Ghosts from Haunted House
  • Metal-Eating Bugs Can Chew Through a Car in Just 5 Days
(These were found at Writing Bugs.)

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