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One sentence plots

desertwind.jpgThe challenge was for people to sum up their plots for their NaNoWriMo novels in one sentence. Here's a selection from "Return of the One Sentence Plot" folder at NaNoWriMo for those times when you want to write but need a jumpstart to get the ideas flowing.

  • Tuned by a Desert Wind:
    A spinster and a gunfighter search for justice in a land whose only law is the musical magic of the ever-widening West. -- tianne

  • Society of Shadows
    In the post apocalyptic future one corporation, with the help of some very gifted individuals, has set out to restore the Earth but will find that the corruption runs deeper than simple war scars. -- Xyex

  • Forsaken
    After waking up from Cryostasis and finding a world empty of life and roamed by deadly creatures known as The Forogtten Ones Naomi sets out to find out what happened to the world. -- Xyex

  • Black Dawn (working title)
    The first war in more than a thousand years has broken out and it's up to a ragtag collection of people stop those behind it from destroying the world. -- Xyex

  • After she and her husband deciding to spend some time apart, Heather Bryce leaves the state for a little rest and relaxation, only to discover that the day of her departure her husband was brutally murdered and there is only one sucpect....her. -- Soli

  • Samira's Country
    A good-hearted alien’s life is endangered when human colonists rebel against her leadership. -- Emiko

  • Where Danger Lurks
    After Rika's parents are murdered, she begins to suspect that someone's watching her a little too closely. -- barlow_girl

  • Witchery: Mother Earth
    Following a prophesy form the late eighties the first of six teens discovers powers as an elemental witch. -- D L Dzioba

  • The Trials of Gabriel:
    In the battle between good and evil, everything Markus has learned in church is wrong. -- JMDuby79

  • Airtight
    A remote but highly populated space station, which was launched decades in the past, gets increasingly isolated as hopes for disovering a technology that would enable faster space travel fades. -- alluredbit

  • A mage is kidnapped by smugglers to satisfy the orders of a tyrannical king. -- Asuka

  • Pen's Dreamscape (subject to change)
    Pen, short for Penelope gets drawn in the dreamworld because she, of all the humans on earth was the only one to answer Chavez's call to help find the pieces of the golden dream and weave them together again. -- Anjirika

  • Fly (subject to change)
    In the midst of a war between three mighty races, Anyiel Cia Obané first daughter of the mighty fae lord Nalod, must go on a quest to find the source of the curse that left her with no wings at birth.. -- Anjirika

  • Meren
    Meren, a young human girl, finds her life irreversibly tampered with by magic creatures, eventually forcing her to marry an elf and become their voice in the medieval style human court. -- WyvernKate

  • Deuces Wild:
    Derrick loses his best friend in a poker game to a robot, throwing them both in the middle of a demonic revolution. -- Chainlink

  • Working title: Dynasty
    Plot: A young woman is dragged into a revolution that is trying to reform a government while at the same time trying to stop a coup and discovers that she is the bearer of a powerful magic and one of the heirs of the enemy land. -- Lady Lunas

  • After answering an ad in the newspaper, a young woman joins the ranks of the tooth fairies and learns the power of the blonde wig, the sparkly pink dress, and what in the heck they collect all those teeth for, anyway. -- crazydoglady

  • Doors to Tomorrow:
    During the colder season, a group of out-of-work pirates are led on a chase across an airborne world in a head-over-heels hunt for treasure. (Then there's the sibling-rivalry subplots, crazy secretive mages and High Priests in love with their own Goddesses, but that's another story for another time.) -- Ravenwing

  • A feline shapeshifter in a science-fiction world has to choose between species: fully feline, fully human, or hybrid freak. -- _Switcher

  • Meeting Hui
    What happens when reality lines blur as a desperate novelist finds a way to contact her main character in her newest writing endeavor. -- ScarletFray

  • Tunnels of Silence and Solitude
    He had originally intended the tunnels as a punishment system, but then the inhabitants began to rebel. -- chaos_dragon

  • The descendants of the progenitors of a shapeshifting race are somehow involved with a prophecy of which only two words are known: "amulet" and "water". -- chaos_dragon

  • Bloodletting
    An apathetic loser seeks escape from her own failure by roleplaying as a superior version of herself... except the character in question doesn't want her ever to stop, and will use all the force of mindfuckery to make sure she doesn't. -- Snow in August

  • A Vortex Sky (tentatively)
    Several mysanthropic outsiders must put aside their well-justified class hatred and attempt to warn the rich, floating island-state of Pryas of the danger that threatens it, before the myth that destroyed the world once returns to claim its remains. -- Snow in August

  • Death Catchers (subject to change)
    -After 500 years of collecting the souls of the recently departed, Karolin realizes that the fate of the Death Catchers resides in the girl who saw her and injured her on a collection, when Death Catchers are supposed to be invisible to all. -- starlite2246

  • In two very different times two very different people are relied on to solve a mystery that crosses all temporal boundaries, and embark on a journey that could end up saving not only the world, but the two of them as well. -- Mariana O'Connor

  • Patrick is an ordinary person, who, after having one of those days, gets dragged into the bizarre and impossible world of the mysterious Alexis, where criminals are commonplace, and anything can happen. -- Mariana O'Connor

  • Time traveler must find a killer and save humanity from extinction. -- sigma957

  • The Goatskin Dress:
    A painfully introverted boy discovers a painfully misanthropic girl sleeping in his mother's garden. -- Aiko-chan

  • When a stranger steals away all the town's children, Heather leaves behind her uncle, her friends, and her intended to rescue them. -- Aiko-chan

  • Swan Song
    When their stepmother curses the eleven princes and drives the lone princess into exile, the princess must make a painful journey to save her brothers from their fate and restore the honor of their birth-mother. -- Aiko-chan

  • Two refugees find each other and themselves as they join the resistance against the army that destroyed their village. -- Ellory

  • An experiment by a group of military leaders goes terribly awry when the boy from an "inferior" race, whom they implanted in an elite training school, turns out to be far more talented than they had guessed - and, in addition, a megalomaniac. -- Ellory

  • Wind
    Two best friends grow up together and try to lead as normal lives as the possibly can until their coming of age despite being the two most likely candidates for being the successor to the highest leadership position their culture has, a job that only one of them will hold. -- Katie C

  • Don't Forget the Coffee Mugs
    Two bickering talk-show hosts on the planet Pluto are offered a dream-come-true gig on Earth -- if they can get to their home world in time. -- Thebe

  • A superhuman, an ex-pro-wrestler and an interior designer team up to thwart the schemes of a variety of oddball villains in exotic locations (such as Nazi death-monkeys in the jungles of South America). -- potatocubed

  • An elite assassin hunts down a member of his guild who has gone rogue. (Oh, and all the characters are anthropomorphic animals. (My MC is a pine marten.) Should be most enjoyable to write) -- Tupwen

  • Gifts From An Eclipse
    Emily is a 16 year old girl who finds herself with abilites once the eclipse comes around, along with new allies, and new foes, and a destiny that she had never seen coming. -- Enoki

  • The Littlest Halfling
    Gloria Goodbody might be the shortest halfling on Feldaine, but she proves that she can't be hindered by that in her battle against the first evil the Five Lands have known. -- Lauren E. Scavenger

  • The Golden Players
    Sax Ashberry's just a bard who knows about singing and not much else -- so why is he in charge of the party who set out to defeat Tialys Gaehon, Feldaine's strongest necromancer? -- Lauren E. Scavenger

  • The Uses of Magic
    A Dark Lord rises in the North of the world of Sordan and it is up to a group of seven adventurers, and a few friends along the way, to battle and destroy the evil that is slowly taking away the worlds magic. -- SilverWolf7

  • Hubris
    The most powerful mage in the world (or at least, he'd like to think so) has a very bad lapse of judgment, the result of which leaves him without his memory on an island of rebels. -- ril_adresca

  • 2004: Odyssey of Disbelief
    When a man with pointy ears and tights tells you your boozed-up buddy in the corner is destined to be the savior of the world, you know it's time to leave the party. -- ril_adresca

  • 2005: Title in progress
    A man whose loyalties have always been conflicted finds himself on the front line in a war, forced to choose whether or not to end the war once and for all by turning traitor to his nation. -- ril_adresca

  • In a city kept in secrecy to its magical heritage a mage finds companionship and is personally investigating a murder. -- Fallen Grace

  • Plains of Fire
    After six years of constant warfare with a still unnamed race, humans discover the key to victory, currenlty in their enemy's possession and employ all means necessary to obtain it. -- DarknessShadows

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