Tuesday, April 03, 2012

30 Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month

Kelli Russell Agodon listed 30 Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month a couple of years ago. Nearly all are friendly to non-self-reflective poets. :-)

  1. Write a really ugly poem.
  2. Quickly pick out 12 words from the titles of books on a nearby bookshelf. Use them in a poem.
  3. Write a poem with an invented biography for yourself.
  4. Take a 1-2 page poem from a book and re-type it backwards—from the very last word in the poem all the way to the very first, keeping the lines the same lengths as they are in the book. Use this as the starting point of a poem, picking out the word formations that are particularly interesting to you.

More at Book of Kells blog (and in the Comments in case it disappears.)
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