Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mouse potatoes

mousepotato.jpgBelow is sampling of new words being added to the Merriam Webster's dictionary during 2006. I must admit I only know about three quarters of them! (Which is better than my spell checker which is questioning 10 of them ;-) Use them as a writing prompt. Try to get as many into a story as 10-15 minutes allows. If you want to really push it, try incorporating one of the words into each sentence. (If you want the definitions they're linked at New Words.)

Technology and Computers
  • mouse potato
  • ringtone
  • spyware

Science and Medicine

  • avian influenza
  • biodiesel
  • gastric bypass

Pop Culture

  • soul patch
  • supersize

Entertainment and Leisure

  • labelmate
  • ollie
  • wave pool

The Human Condition

  • drama queen
  • unibrow


  • manga
  • qigong

Business and Industry

  • agritourism
  • big-box


  • aquascape
  • coqui


  • polyamory
  • sandwich generation

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