Saturday, October 08, 2005

Seven princes

This is from the NaNoWriMo Adopt-a-plot folder where writers post extra plots they won''t be using.

#23: "Takes place in a dark, corrupted world. Seven princes who rule realms that specialize in different sorts of magics (your choice) come together to form a High Council by which to manage the increasing crime rates and abuse of magic. They decide to write a spell that will merge a person with magic itself, thereby creating an avatar for magic. When the spell is cast, the chosen avatar is the youngest (possibly weakest) prince, and the other princes are outraged. A war breaks out and, in the midst of the fighting, sometime (maybe years) later, the avatar falls silent. As the last act of the avatar, though, the prince creates the "insert name here" (weight of the world) a stone that melds all the powers of the realms. With it, he can seek out people who've gravely abused magic and... er, remove it, sort of suck it out of them." -- laurence ashton
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