Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tabloid reporting

I was going to suggest you embarrass yourselves by buying one at the supermarket, but The Weekly World News is online now.


The print version is still more fun but you can now get stories about 3 eyed aliens living among us displayed right on your computer.

You can read some of the articles in the print version or at the website to get a feel for the style.

Make up a headline or choose one of the following.
  • My Ex-Wife's Face Keeps Appearing On My Toast! ...and she's making my life crumby!
  • Vampires Picket Blood Bank!
  • Bush To Use Bigfoot G.I.s In Iraq!
  • NASA Idiots Turn Mars Rovers Into Battlebots!
  • Psychic Cat Makes Predictions In Kitty Litter!
  • Noah's Ark found on Mars!Moon will hit Earth in five years!
  • CIA using cats as secret agents!
  • Scientists mix dog and cat to create the Dat!
  • Real reason for war in Iraq: Bush wanted to protect the Garden of Eden from Saddam!
  • Dolphins are growing arms and legs"("If they learn to walk and make weapons, they would become a formidable foe for all mankind" we are warned)!
  • Librarian wants rating system for nursery rhymes!
  • Visiting space alien endorses candidate for president!
  • Bat Child Found in Cave!
  • Merman Caught in South Pacific!
  • Millions of 3-eyed Mutants Living Among Us!
  • Twelve Members of Congress Are Space Aliens!
  • Ten Ways to Tell If Your Mail Carrier is an E.T.
  • Middle Earth being found in the swamps of New Jersey!
Set the timer for 10-15 minutes and write your own Weekly World News report.

BTW, you can submit headlines for photos at the Weekly World News's "Guess the Headlines" feature. There are previous winners there too. (Note, some do have sexual references.)
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