Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Getting in the spirit

Draganhelm Manor, the most haunted spot in the country, is up for sale. The owners have finally agreed to allow True Spirit Investigators to check into the phenomena that's been reported ever since the series of mysterious disappearances 73 years ago. Unfortunately True Spirit just lost two of their investigators in a big dust up that resulted in both of them quitting.

Currently the team consists of Amy Clarry, the founder of the team. She works as an ambulance driver during the week.

And Sammi Nordstrom, their electronics expert, who works full time as the homeschooling daughter of a couple of free spirit parents.

And Harry Nakamura, their media expert. He works as a photographer reluctantly specializing in family portraits.

Against her better instincts, but pressed for time, Amy puts out an ad, knowing that it will draw all sorts of nut cases.

I am Amy, the founder of a small but well-established paranormal team. We are seeking someone who is comfortable with electronics and ideally has a background in marketing. We are looking for serious-minded individuals ONLY.
Source: via Dragon on Pinterest
After a dozen of the expected nut cases, Zazzy Draganov shows up. After a morning of wasted time, she doesn't receive him well. (Her, Zazzy corrects her.) But his credentials are quite impressive, having worked as a paranormal investigator for five years. And it turns out that his last name isn't merely coincidentally like the name of the manor house. So she hires him and arranges for the team to spend the weekend at Draganhelm.

Courtesy of Dusk to Dawn Paranormal Investigators:


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