Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Class reunion

A dozen years ago, you and your roommate graduated from Scribner's Academy of Magic and Cookery. You found employment with a local witch mixing potions for her. Your roommate was hired to be one of the resident wizards at an enclave on the other side of the mountains. You corresponded for a while but then lost touch.

A dozen years later you receive an invitation from her to a private exhibition of wizarding breakthroughs. You decide to go and a week later arrive at the outskirts where you encounter several of your fellow classmates. It doesn't look at all like what you or any of your classmates imagined it would.

As you enter, you're even more puzzled, finding buildings that seem to have been overtaken by nature some time before.

Then you hear a shout.

Take it from there.

A video tour of the real place, Wonderland. (As always, the pictures have links too.)

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