Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tale mail

(Click on the Picassa icon (lower right) to see larger versions.)

Write an email or series of emails from one fairy tale character to another after the big event of the story.
For example:
To: Cinderella
From: Your Stepsister
Date: After the Wedding

To: Mom
From: Your Little Pig

To: Little Red Riding Hood
From: Your Mother

To: The Seven Dwarfs
From: Snow White

To: Jack
From: The Giant
There's a list of familiar Fairy Tales and links to more extensive lists.

The photographs are from the Fallen Princesses series by Dina Goldstein. (It took a while for it to load for me.) A quote from Dina about the series from a JPEG Magazine article (no longer available) is preserved in the comments to this post.

(Idea from Storybook Memos.)
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