Thursday, May 07, 2009


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  • Someone is not who they're pretending to be.
  • One is a breeder of cockapoos.
  • One of them hates someone in the group.
  • The accountant pines to be a cabaret singer.
  • There has been a betrayal.
  • In one's wallet is a picture of every cat they've ever owned.
  • One has been known to photocopy their butt and leave it in the copy tray.
  • Two are related but only one knows it. Though one of the others also knows.
  • One has on edible underwear but not for the obvious reason.
  • There is a love triangle and unrequited love but not the way you might think.
  • In the suitcase of one are items from all but one of the others' suitcases.
(The group is before Al Khazneh in Jordan, the site of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Feel free to use that or ignore it.)

The photographer and the woman in the background to the left may or may not be part of the group.
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