Thursday, July 03, 2008

Quick Draw Tarot

adorablestarotThere are several fun random writing generators at Feath's Bookcase. First words, Fantasy generator, Genreless generator, Quick Draw Tarot, Random Quote Generator, Character.

This is from the Character and Plot tarot layout.

There is no interpretation of the cards and only the Major Arcana cards are used, so use your own interpretation. You can be literal or let the words inspire you. There's no wrong way to do it and the point is to jog some inspiration.

Character's personality: The World
Character's strength: The Magician
Character's weakness: The Star
Character's goal: Temperance
Character's obstacle: Justice
Character's hidden past: Death
Character's next move: The Emperor
Character's sidekick/minion: The Hanged Man
Character's environment: The Hierophant ("An interpreter of sacred mysteries or arcane knowledge.")
Plot conflict: The lovers
Plot theme: Strength
Plot genre: Wheel of Fortune

(The order of the cards at the website is odd so I rearranged them in a more sensible order.)
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