Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Anaconda boa

anaconda.jpgA rhyming couplet is two lines that rhyme with each other.

For each pair of letters of the alphabet come up with a rhyming couplet that has to do with ... well. the easiest would be animals or food :-) While not the most original of subjects for an alphabet, you may want to go easy on yourself and leave the challenge in the couplets.

Here's an example off the top of my head:
Anacondas lazing in the sun,
Boas watching dinner run.
Or come up with pairs of words that rhyme*: air, bear; cat, drat ... and build the lines from there.

Or to ramp up the challenge try characters from Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or other favorite show/series that had a huge enough cast of characters to span the alphabet.**

You may want to try generating an alphabetical list first, perhaps with a connection between the pairs (if you chose animals: predator/prey, same species, competitors for the same prey for instance). Don't let the list confine what you write about! Feel free to make any changes as you go along. It's just an aid not a jailor ;-)

*If you need help with rhymes try Rhymer or Rhymezone. If Rhymer gives you an overwhelming number of rhymes try choosing "Last syllable rhymes" or "Double rhymes" from the drop down menu. (Annoyingly, you need to type the word into the search box again.) Rhymezone returns fewer rhymes (which can be a good thing sometimes!)

**There are, of course, lists of characters on the internet:

Harry Potter:
Mugglenet's list of Harry Potter characters
Wikipedia's List of characters in the Harry Potter books

Star Trek:
Memory Alpha's list of Star Trek characters
Wikipedia's List of Star Trek characters

Star Wars:
Star Wars: Databank list of Star Wars characters
Wikipedia's List of Star Wars characters

Wikipedia's List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters

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