Saturday, March 03, 2007

It's like a ...

dog-that-looks-like-a-towel.jpgThis Writer's notebook idea came to me while collecting poetry ideas for Poetry Month.

Observe people and things, notice sounds, smells, and textures then write comparisons using like or as.

(The previous notebook ideas are archived at the Blogsome blog.)

Here's some quick examples I generated while at Starbucks:
slumped like a drought touched flower
chewing like a sun beaten cow
alert like a nervous cat
pony tail flat against his back like road kill
teeth clutching her lip like a clamp
pony tail like a clutch of too long sheep's wool
worrying at a nail like a cat peeling its claws
sign swaying on a corner in the wind like a drunk who has forgotten where he was headed
steaming like a teapot at a winter cafe
heavy sway of her hair like a horse's tail
hair hugging her face like a hood drawn tight

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