Saturday, September 17, 2005

Welcome writers!

This is a storehouse for all the writing prompts, tips and ideas I generate each week for the UnschoolingWriters yahoo group. (The posts here at Blogger are a mirror of the posts at Dragon Writing Prompts at where they offer categories. The blog at Blogsome stretches back to September 2005.)

I love writing prompts. But self-reflective writing prompts make my eyes glaze over. I don't want to write about real stuff. I want to write about pretend stuff! So I went in search of some fantasy friendly writing prompts and made some up and have been posting them at the UnschoolingWriters list.

Sure, writing about real things is a good way to enliven writing about pretend things but this collection is for the times you don't feel like writing about your favorite pair of shoes or the worst day of your life. It's for when you feel like writing about dragon riding and interstellar transports and ham-handed dwarven safecrackers.

Not all the writing prompts will have explicit speculative fiction elements but they should be easily adaptable or at least appealing. Since there are kids on the UnschoolingWriters list the ideas will be PG-13ish. Some of the websites I point to might have more mature content, but if I notice some, I'll make a mention of it.

That's about it!

Joyce Fetteroll - Head Dragon Writer
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