Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Abhorring masonry

Kathryn's down with a cold :-( so I haven't had much time to mess with prompts. Here's a standby that's easy to generate and that I have fun with. Write 10 sentences that contain all of the words in each group.
  • abhorring, masonry, east, aerobics, swallowtail
  • loop, solicitation, shiverer, subrange, marten
  • clamp, evicting, overseers, six, them
  • blighted, ozone, undressed, envisaged, spanner
  • phrased, valiant, sneer, scrolled, apocalypse
  • pansy, there, patented, octopus, sunbeams
  • writ, someplace, intellect, respected, furthermost
  • lossiest, molder, characteristic, tabernacles, fragmentation
  • vitae, unsatisfactory, pacts, aboriginal, summoner
  • luckily, semesters, raged, allayed, springtime
Hmmm. Those words are automatically generated from a huge spreadsheet and looking over some of them ... vitae? lossiest? ... I think I need to do some editing! ;-)
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