Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In Spirit writing prompts, pt. 2

Here's some more from my NaNoWriMo until I can get back to other things besides writing! Only two days left!

Pick one as a writing prompt:
  • Miori didn't stir from her knees as the sword passed through her again and again. She twitched her feathery tail which swept aside a swath of her hair on the floor, and turned her head to look at Chen trembling, sprawled on the floor still clutching the book. His glasses were askew and he gasped for breath.
  • Dandor floated above the cushion that had been his favorite in life. He once sat on his cushion daily to meditate as he gazed out over his garden from the entrance to his study. Now his cushion was in a storage room. It rested atop his grandfather's armor, that was atop a chest of outmoded clothing from decades ago, that rested atop a box of keepsakes from scores of years ago: old letters, curious rocks, a faded ribbon, a tiny box of baby teeth.
  • Drae paced. An old habit from his living days that had returned in recent months. "How much longer?"
  • Koshiria groaned. She was back in the black void again. When she had first become aware, she had been frightened but now it was just plain irritating. When she found out who was doing this to her she was going to haunt him or her for the rest of his or her life.
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