Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Muse Convention

It's the annual Writing Muse Convention held December 1st, the day following National Novel Writers Month. All the writing muses have gathered to chat, to attend panel discussions, to meet and greet the muses of famous writers.

The muses feed their writers the wild ideas, but it's up to the writers to turn the ideas into readable prose or poetry. It can be a struggle for a muse whose writer can't do justice to her ideas. It can be envy inducing when it's generally whispered that a muse is taking more credit for a writer's success than is felt he deserves.

The panels this year include:
  • What to do when your writer won't write?

  • Has Fate assigned you a talentless hack? How to stay creative. And sane.

  • You are not your writer.

  • When writers think their ideas are better.

  • Who wrote Shakespeare? Shakespeare or Shakespeare's Muse?

  • So your writer has switched genres? When to stick it out and when to ask for reassignment.

  • How to work with other muses. The special challenges of musing song writers, ballet creators, performance artists and other multi-art endeavors.

  • Inside the mind of a writer

Just some possibilities that might feed your own muse.  Or let your muse take it wherever he, she or it wants to.

Create the titles of more panel discussions.

Write the summarizing paragraph of one or more of the panel discussions.

Write the lunch break conversation between two muses. They might be brand new muses. Or rival muses. Or muses of once famous writers now saddled with obscure writers. Or ...

(Sorry, been busy so I've fallen a bit behind! I've got a bunch of warm ups queued and I'll work on queuing the picture prompts so creating the Wednesday prompts is easier to squeeze in :-))

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