Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Frost and Fire and Rock

For decades global warming has shrunk the borders of the Frost Giants' land. As the thawing pushed them deeper into their territory, the frost giants begged their queen to do something. As is the nature of government, it wasn't until the ice palace's south tower collapsed that the queen decided it was time to take action. She has declared war on the Fire Giants. Ice dragons, ice fairies and other ice creatures are gathering.

The Fire Giants claim they aren't responsible. They say it's clearly the Sun God's wishes for them to have the world's largest volcano. The deep ice that had kept the volcano from the Fire Giants has melted. Now the giants have set up a mining operation. Fire dragons, fire demons and other hot beasties are flocking to defend the site.

It would all be no one else's business if it weren't for the Rock Giants who live down slope. The Rock Giants have been carving the mountainous foothills into wondrous sculptures for 10,000 years. If the Frost and Fire creatures clash, the tsunami of melting runoff from their fighting will wash everything away.

It's up to three friends from the three elements to find a peaceful solution.

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