Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snakes on a plane

Ms. Shofi Ademola has been hired as assistant to Jan Czarnecki, 137th richest man in the world. After a night jet flight to Montevideo, then a two seater plane ride to a landing strip in a cow pasture, then a 3 hour jolting ride in a Jeep, the odd questions she'd been asked in her third and final interview looped in her head. Had she ever been bungee jumping? Was she allergic to exotic foods? And was her baby sitting certificate up to date? They had laughed after the last question.

The jeep brought her to mud hut with a corrugated tin roof where a guide and donkeys waited for her and her luggage. After four hours on the donkey there was a forty five minute climb up the side of a mountain which brought her here:

Surely this was some bizarre joke. Perhaps one of those reality shows. She was dusty, sore and the guide was calling for Jan, his voice growing distant as he ventured further into the jungled forest. Then twenty minutes later she was greeted with, "Hey, Shof, know any new ways of cooking snake?" If it weren't for the smile, she wouldn't have recognize this man before her as Jan Czarnecki.

Take it from there.
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